Stacey Kay’s voice has led her to the stages of Canadian Idol, America’s Got Talent, and touring in over 12 countries around the world - but that hasn’t come easy, or without a price!


Stacey has been touring elementary schools, high schools and Universities around Canada and the US spreading her messages of hard work, positive body image, gaining confidence, dealing with bullies, and choosing to surround yourself with positive people.


Stacey talks about being made fun of for being a "curvier girl" in high school, her struggles in the music industry, and how turning negative situations into positive ones changed her life.


Even Stacey’s band members have stories to share! Her beat boxer talks about how beat boxing helped him improve, and then eventually get rid of his stutter that he had as a child.


Stacey specializes in writing her own music, but also sings Top 40 hits that tie in her message and keep the students’ attention. Her show also features a group of multi-instrumentalist and amazing singers. Stacey’s show is interactive and she involves students in fun and unique ways.


Stacey Kay uses her vibrant, fun, positive and comedic personality to energize your students and leave them feeling inspired!